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Wholesale Pricing

Account Type

Minimum Order(Ringgit Malaysia)

Discount from Retail Price

Wholesale W1

1060 (inclusive of GST)


Wholesale W2

2120 (inclusive of GST)



Wholesale Terms and Conditions

1. Minimum order refer to amount that you need to buy from us, thus it would be the amount after discount

2. Minimum 2 pieces per design

3. Order online only. We ship to you, postage bear by buyer (SHIPPING IS NOT FREE)

4. Pay today, ship in 2 business days

5. Pay within 24 hours after checkout, or your order will be cancelled automatically and your account will be terminated

6. Items from the local manufacturer like Autumnz, Fabulous Mum, Buds Organic, Bumble Bee only at 10% discount


Wholesale Procedure

1. Kindly choose the account desired (W1, W2, refer to wholesale pricing), different account corresponds to different discount rate. However minimum order amount must be met for that account type in order to qualify for the discount rate.

2. Sign up for an account on our website, email to [email protected], and ask for upgrade of account to wholesale account (specify W1,W2)

3. We will reply once account upgraded within 48 hours.

4. Once your account is upgraded, kindly order from our website (All ready stock)

5. Pay for your order and then submit the payment notification form

6. We will then ship your order in the next 2 business days.

7. Shipping cost is only due when we ship your order. You can also arrange your own courier to pick up from our office.

8. For all wholesale customers, the minimum order for subsequent order is RM503 (inclusive of GST)


Shipping Cost to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan)

Pos Malaysia Registered Air Parcel

RM16 for first 2 KG, RM4.50 for subsequent KG


Shipping Cost to West Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia)


RM8.00 for first KG, RM2.00 for subsequent KG